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 Modified 2-Way Drury

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PostSubject: Modified 2-Way Drury   Mon Feb 20, 2017 10:20 am

The Drury Convention was invented to replace a 1st seat responder's jump raise (1♠-pass-3♠'s) opposite a 3rd seat possibly light 1 level major opening to keep the partnership from getting too high in the bidding.
Since Drury gives a passed hand an additional forcing bid, it is frequently used by both 1st and 2nd seat responders (opposite 3rd or 4th seat openings).

There are several versions of the Drury Convention. The standard version of 2-way Dury uses the 2♣'s and 2♦'s bids to show 3 or 4 card support.
This Drury version, which I have called Modified 2-way Drury (M2D), uses the 2♣'s and 2♦'s bids to show responder hand strength based on Total Point Count (TPC) rather than just High Card Point Count.

TPC includes dummy points and bonus points for a 9 or 10 card fit (4 or 5 card support) as well as the standard High Card Point Count.
TPC is the sum of High Card Point Count
+ Dummy Points: 1, 2 or 3 for a doubleton, singleton or void
+ Bonus Points for higher fits: 2 for a 9-card fit, 3 for a 10-card fit.

The Modified 2-way Dury (M2D) Convention:
When a 1st or 2nd seat responder bids opposite a 3rd or 4th seat 1♥ or 1♠ opening the following bids show 3+ card support and responder TPC:
1) 2♥/♠'s (a single raise) shows 6-7 TPC, no alert required
2) 2♣'s shows 8-9 TPC , requires alerting
3) 2♦'s shows 10-11 TPC , requires alerting
4) 3♥/♠'s (a jump raise) shows 12-13 TPC, no alert required
5) 4♥/♠'s (game raise) shows 14+ TPC, no alert required

Following any of the M2D bids above, opener know about the "at-least" 8 card fit and knows responder's hand strength so bids accordingly.

M2D is on after any opponent bidding as long as the M2D bid is available to responder.
I suggest we play a double by responder after an opponents overcall as a negative double and not a stolen bid double.
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Modified 2-Way Drury
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