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 Simplified Jacoby 2NT Mar 23 2017

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PostSubject: Simplified Jacoby 2NT Mar 23 2017   Sat Mar 04, 2017 8:45 am

The standard Jacoby 2NT convention is used by responder to show 4 card support support and a game force hand in response to a 1st or 2nd seat opening 1♥ or 1 ♠ bid.
What follows is a simplified and modified version of the convention which is easier to remember and can be used more often. This is helpful for partnerships which do not play a 2/1 game forcing system so have a greater need for game forcing bids by responder.

Part 1 - Responder bidding
Playing Simplified Jacoby 2NT, when responder bids 2NT over a 1st or 2nd seat 1♥ or 1 ♠ opening, he is promising 3 card support and 12 or more points. The bid is forcing to game and, if Part 2 below is played, responder becomes captain of the bidding.
Instead of showing 4 card support, a responder with 4 cards in opener's major adds 2 points to the point count of his hand (a 9-card fit bonus). Thus, the 12+ points promised by the 2NT response could contain dummy points and 9-card fit bonus points.

Part 2 - Opener rebidding.
After a Simplified Jacoby 2NT by responder, opener uses 3 bids to show his hand strength. These bids are
1. 4 of his major (game) showing a minimun strength hand (12-15 points)
2. 3NT showing a medium strength hand (16-18 points)
3. 3 of his major showing a maximun strength hand (19+ points).
The #3 bid and any other bid by opener is invitational to slam bidding.

Responder continues as captain of the bidding.

The Simple Jacoby 2NT bid should be alerted and is played over a takeout double or a 1 level overcall but not over a 2 level overcall by opponents.

After an opponent's 2 level overcall, the 2NT bid is natural promising 10-11 points and a balanced hand.

If either standard or simplified Jacoby 2NT is played, the partnership looses the the natural 2NT bid by responder.

The 1NT bid range consequently expands to 6-12 points. Opener needs to keep this in mind, possibly working harder to find a rebid rather than passing responder's 1NT after a 1st or 2nd seat 1♥ or 1 ♠ opening bid.

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Simplified Jacoby 2NT Mar 23 2017
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