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 Dummy Points Mar 9 2017

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PostSubject: Dummy Points Mar 9 2017   Thu Mar 09, 2017 7:34 pm

Dummy Points Mar 9 2017

Marty Bergen says
When you have support for partner's major suit, you expect to be the dummy. If you have a short suit (or two), here is the correct way to add points:
Counting Dummy's Short-Suit Points
Doubleton = 1 point for each one.
Singleton = 2 points, but 3 points with 4+ trumps.
Void = number of trumps in dummy's hand. Dummy should NOT count 5 points for a void unless he has 5 trumps.

Downey, Ned; Pomer, Ellen (2005). Standard Bidding with SAYC. say
When the supporting hand holds three trumps, shortness is valued[2][13] as follows:
void = 3 points singleton = 2 points doubleton = 1 point
When the supporting hand holds four or more trumps, thereby having more spare trumps for ruffing, shortness is valued[13] as follows:
void = 5 points singleton = 3 points doubleton = 1 point
Shortage points (also known as support points or dummy points) are added to HCP to give total points.

Audrey Grant says
Dummy Points Points used in place of length points when valuing a hand in support of partner's suit: void, 5 points; singleton, 3 points; doubleton, 1 point.

None of these distinguish between a 4 trump dummy in a 4-4 8-card fit and a 5-4 9-card fit.
None suggest voids and singletons are worth more if in a suit bid by the opponents
Is shortness also worth more if in a suit bid by partner (partner will likely have low card loosers needing to be ruffed)?

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Dummy Points Mar 9 2017
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