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 An alternative to the weak 2 diamond opening May 6 2017

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PostSubject: An alternative to the weak 2 diamond opening May 6 2017   Thu May 04, 2017 8:52 pm

the idea for this is taken from
authored by Roy Wilson who argues that weak 2D bids no longer gave opponents difficulty but do give them a useful picture of your hand. Roy suggests an "Alternative Agreement".

He suggests playing an opening 2Diamond bid as "Natural With an Opening Hand" which is how he plays it.
I have modified this slightly and used "combined points" (high card points + long suit points) as the point count criteria.
In this alternative agreement (not a convention)
A 2Diamond opening shows:
1 . A 5-card suit with 10-15 combined points or a 6 card suit with 7-12 combined points. Stronger hands are opened at the 1 level.
2. No 4 or 5 card major

This 2Diamond opening is invitational but not forcing and can be passed.
After this 2Diamond opening:
Responder's 3-level bids are game forcing
Responder's double of an overcall is not a negative double, its for penalty (since Opener does not have a major)

Roy comments:
This treatment (it's not a convention) has the safety of having opening point-count and has better preemptive value against the opponents majors. (It must Because of the announced strength)
It's also descriptive, which means responder has a better idea of what he can bid and whether or not he can double for penalty.

If you play this treatment you will discover that it has a high frequency of occurance and you will use it often. This treatment is popular with Precision players and strong club bidders because it is similar to the 2 club bid that is part of their system, but it works very well with 2/1 system players as well.
If you are looking for a replacement bid for a weak two diamond call, consider this treatment.
Oh, and just because you pick up a hand that fits the agreement you shouldn't automatically open 2 Diamonds with it -
think twice with the 5-3-3-2 balanced hands with a 5 diamonds. With these hand is may be better to use 1 Diamond opening since you don't mind rebidding 1NT if partner responds with 1 of a higher suit
for example
S-K,J,6 H- K,J C-Q,6,5 D-K,J,6,4,2
Open 1 Diamond with this hand and rebid 1NT if your partner responds 1 Heart or consider raising a spade response. (Yeah, with 3-card support... they are as good as four small ones.)

And don't forget to alert the bid!
Roy Wilson
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An alternative to the weak 2 diamond opening May 6 2017
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