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 Playing only 3 level Systems On after a 1NT Overcall May 6 2017

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PostSubject: Playing only 3 level Systems On after a 1NT Overcall May 6 2017   Sat May 06, 2017 3:59 pm

the idea and much of the text following comes from
authored by Roy Wilson who writes:

suppose your RHO opens the bidding with 1 Spade. He will usually have about 12 points or more. If you overcall with 16 points there are 12 points remaining for both of the other two players and your partner's average share is only 6 of the missing points, right? .... If the opponent who opened has more than 12 points your partner will have even fewer.

If your RHO has opened 1 Spade and you are playing 2 level Systems ON, there is only one of the three remaining suits that you can play at the 2-level - that's hearts. With fewer expected points from your partner wouldn't it be better if you could also play a minor at the 2-level?

Suppose your partner has a good 5 card club or diamond suit but less than 10 points. Would you not like to be able to play in partner's 5 card suit at the 2 level rather than having to play in 1NT. Even more difficult is when the opponents open a minor, your Partner Overcalls 1NT and responder raises his partner's minor to the 2 level. How do you play Systems ON in that situation.

Roy Wilson has his own suggested alternative to the standard System ON involving game forcing cuebids and Libensohl.

I have a different suggestion if you play 3 level responses to 1NT as game forcing (Puppet Stayman and transfers) as I have suggested elsewhere.
My suggestion:
After a 1NT overcall, play all 2 level responses as natural showing at least 6 but less than 10 points and at least a 5 card suit. These bids are not forcing, overcaller can pass to play there.
Also play Systems ON for all 3 level NT bids, so transfers and 3C Puppet Stayman in is place.
These 3 level bids require 10+ points in advancer's hand. Mark your convention card to show this.

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Playing only 3 level Systems On after a 1NT Overcall May 6 2017
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