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 Responder first round jump shifts using the 6-8-10 jump shift May 11 2017

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PostSubject: Responder first round jump shifts using the 6-8-10 jump shift May 11 2017   Thu May 11, 2017 8:37 pm

You open 1 Diamond, LHO passes, your partner bids 2 Hearts.
This is a first round responder jump shift (FRRJS)
FRRJS's used to be played as strong but currently are usually played as weak, showing a 6 card suit in a hand with less than 6 high card points.

After reading some discussions on the internet of alternative treatments for FRRJS's, I would like to suggest the following

Use the FRRJS to show a 6 card suit and 8 to 10 high card points.
Roy Wilson (see the link below) calls this the 6-8-10 jump shift.
Why use this?
The 8-10 point hand occurs much more frequently than the "less than 6 point" hand, so you get to make this bid more often.
The bid also tells your partner that you have at least 8 high card points which may allow him to continue bidding but also tells him you have less than 11 high card points. Since the bid sets an upper limit on responder's strength, the bid is not forcing and opener can pass.

This is not a weak bid so no boxes are checked on the convention card, nothing to alert.

After this bid, opener only needs 2 card support for an 8 card fit. With an 8 card fit, opener also knows that if the final contract is played in responder's 6 card suit, the long suit adds 5 long suit points to responder's hand strength bringing responder's total point count strength (high card strength and distribution strength) to 13 to 15 total points or game level in a major.

Even If the final contract is played in another suit, opener knows he can count at least 8 high card points for responder's hand.

Roy Wilson, from the website cited below says
This is the method I recommend because it is simple, constructive and occurs frequently. I would also recommend that this bid not be used with either a void or a singleton in opener's suit. However, you will have to decide if you want to use this in a competitive auction or not. To avoid complexity we use the same agreement whether or not the opponents are in the auction.

Roy Wilson's discussion of this can be found at

and a similar discussion is at
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Responder first round jump shifts using the 6-8-10 jump shift May 11 2017
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