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 bidding 4441 hands Jan 3 2017

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PostSubject: bidding 4441 hands Jan 3 2017   Tue Jan 03, 2017 8:47 am

bidding 4441 hands Jan 3 2017
These hand shapes seem to cause a problem with many bidding systems. Principally because if you bid one suit and then rebid in a lower ranking suit, you usually show 5 of the first bid suit. Let us just confirm my recommended opening bids, the golden rule is ‘open your lowest suit’.
Some people believe that there are exceptions to this rule and some believe that ‘suit below the singleton’ is best.
Whatever scheme you use you sometimes have to ‘lie’ with your 2nd bid;
it is acceptable to ‘lie’ in a minor but not in a major.
Let us consider examples of all of these ‘problem’ hands.

a) 1444 shape
ª 4 © K1097 ¨ KQ86 § AJ43

Obviously, whatever you choose with your opening bid, you will be embarrassed by a 1ª response. 1© is out of the question even if you play 4 card majors, a bid of 1© then a rebid of 2¨/§ would confirm a 5 card © suit.
We do not wish to lie in a major suit with a weak hand. So the choice is between 1§ and 1¨. It appears that some people open 1¨ and rebid 2§. This sequence shows 5¨’s and 4§’s. An opening of 1§ followed by 2§ shows 5§’s, so both are lying and it does not really make much difference.
note: 1§ followed by 2¨ shows 5§’s, and 4¨'s and is a reverse so promises 16+ pts so another lie with this bid
However, a 1§ opening allows more latitude for responder and enables a § fit to be established immediately. If the bidding goes 1§ - 1¨ - then we bid 1©, showing an unbalanced hand and we know about the ¨ fit if we need to rest somewhere safe.
Of course, if we are playing a strong NT, we can happily rebid 1NT over the 1ª response. So, either way, no need to break the ‘lowest suit’ rule yet…. Let’s look at:-

b) 4144 shape
ª KQ86 © J ¨ AQ96 § 9753
We simply open 1§. There is obviously no rebid problem: bid 1ª over 1¨/©.

c) 4414 shape
ª KQ86 © AQ96 ¨ J § 9753 .
With two good 4 card majors it would be absurd to pass. There is absolutely no problem with opening the obvious 1§.

d) 4441 shape
ª K986 © KQ96 ¨ A986 § J
To me, this seems very simple. Of course we have to lie, but we simply lie in ¨’s.
The people with a ‘problem’ with this seem to think that a 2§ response is unmanageable.
... open 1¨ and rebid 2¨ over 2§, thus only lying in the minor suit. Playing a strong NT we may bid 2NT over the 2§ response.

So, with 4441 type hands we keep it simple and always bid the lowest suit.

There is one ‘undisputed’ golden rule in bridge – when you make your opening bid, have your rebid instantly ready for any non-jump response from partner. If you have to subsequently think about (or simply cannot find) a sensible rebid then you probably made the wrong opening bid.

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bidding 4441 hands Jan 3 2017
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